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In the middle of the pacific ocean appears a small, beautiful and mystical island of volcanic origin, 

5 hours 25 minutes flying from Santiago de Chile, you find a magical paradise with stone giants called Moais with an ancestral culture very mysterious. They receive you with a flower necklace very typical of the Polynesian culture, with this they show you their affection. I was on the island for 4 days, it's little, if you have more time, it's worth it !!! Rapa Nui has many interesting archaeological sites, I recommend you read about the history of the island before arriving, as it is a lot of information and very interesting, it is very good to arrive with a base of this. I was able to do all the excursions to the most interesting places (Ranu Raraku, Anakena beach, Orongo, Akivi and typical dance show), so you have a general idea, then you can repeat what you like most on your own, either by renting a car or bicycle. Another beautiful experience is to ride on horseback to the highest point of the island that is the Volcano Terevaka (507 m) where you will enjoy wonderful views. The sunsets are very beautiful especially in the Aku Tahai you can take some beautiful photos. The Rapa Nui are very kind people, calm, relaxed, you can see them fishing on the beach with ancestral techniques or surfing. For me it is a must  attend the Sunday Mass in the Church of Hanga Roa, it was spectacular to hear the instruments, songs and people in party ... talking about partying !! ... in Rapa Nui is celebrated in the month of February every year, the TAPATI, is a traditional festival that takes place since 1968 and tries to recreate the ancestral sports and dances with their typical clothes, where they compete among the different families or clans of the island.

Please, when you visit the island, collaborate with the conservation of this unique paradise in the world, that the only trace left of your trip to Rapa Nui, be the one left in your heart. For me it is a dream come true, to have been on this incredible island !!!



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