It is surprising to get to Valparaiso (just one hour and twenty-seven minutes from Santiago), on the road to Valparaiso you pass by the Casablanca valley, which is well known for the vineyards in the area that produces some very good wines thanks to the climate and you can visit Viñas Casas del Bosque, Veramonte Vineyards and Viña Attilo & Mochi.

Bohemia and creative, Valparaiso a city that is a world heritage site (Unesco 2003), it receives you with its colorful and messy (crazy) architectural style, its hills, lifts of the beginning of the century, and also with its urban scenery. (graffiti)

To get to know it, you have to walk on foot and lose yourself in its narrow streets, viewpoints and historic elevators. Go up the El Peral elevator, where you will be greeted by the beautiful Yugoslavian Promenade with the magnificent Baburizza Palace, home of the Municipal Museum, and its viewpoint with its beautiful view of the bay of Valparaiso, I recommend visiting La Colombina restaurant, the food is good and the spectacular bay view.

Do not forget to visit Cerro Concepción as well, you will walk along Montealegre street, you will find the beautiful Lutheran church of La Santa Cruz, there begins the Dimalow walk with its boutique hotels, restaurants and bars, super entertaining for the night! A must-see is the Sebastiana, Pablo Neruda House Museum, located in the Cerro Bellavista, which stands out for its beauty in the construction and you can admire a spectacular view of the entire bay.

You will live an immense contrast when visiting Viña del Mar, the garden city, a very modern city with its high-rise buildings. I recommend you to travel its streets and transport yourself to the golden age of the last century with its castles and numerous mansions of wealthy families, do not miss visiting the Municipal Casino located on Avenida Peru, there you can also stroll along its boardwalk and gardens that surround and ofcourse try your luck at the casino!

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